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Additional Information about LED

Welcome to LED

Here at LED GU10 our philosophy is quite simple; to help our customers save money on their electricity bills by switching to LED bulbs. If this can be done as easily as possible, all the better!

So what is it about LED Lighting that makes it so innovative? Consider the following:

- LEDs use 90% less electricity that other types of lighting. Imagine how much money you will save on your electricity bills therefore.

- LEDs last up to 10 times longer than other types of lighting. The average life expectancy of an LED is 50,000 hours. That means they will work for 10 years and more, saving you money on the cost of replacements.

- LEDs produce very little heat. It is not true, as many retailers claim, that LEDs produce no heat. They do produce heat, but in comparison to halogen bulbs, it is very little. In order to work effectively and to last as long as they do, LED bulbs require very strict thermal management. Most of our LED bulbs feature heat sinks, which means they work better for longer.

- LEDs are environmentally friendly. This ties back in to our first point. As LED bulbs use less energy, so to do they result in less carbon emissions. Switching to LED bulbs is one of the easiest methods of reducing your carbon footprint.

These are just a few of the benefits of switching to LED bulbs.

Why shop with LED GU10 ?

You may be asking by now, what makes us different from other retailers. Consider the following:

- we are VAT registered; all of the prices advertised on this website include VAT. There are no hidden costs!

- we are based in the UK and have a contact telephone number and email address advertised at the top of this page. We can always be reached if necessary and we are always happy to speak to our customers.

- we have a comprehensive returns policy and all our items are covered by a 14 day money back guarantee and 2 year warranty. On certain products this warranty is extended to 4 years, one of the longest in the industry.

- our website is secure. Look for the padlock symbol next to the URL when making your purchase.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said about all companies. If a website or company does not tick all the boxes mentioned above, they may not be reputable. Always be conscious about who you are buying from, what kind of after sales support they offer and the quality of their products.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully you are able to find everything you need here at LED GU10.


Lighting technology has greatly advanced since the invention of the light bulb, with the rapid advancements leading to the development of the LED light bulb. Presenting a number of advantages over traditional light bulbs, the benefits of this variety of lighting have led LED bulbs to become a popular choice of bulb across thousands of homes and businesses.

At LED GU10 we recognise the benefits and qualities of installing these light bulbs in your home and business, and so we specialise in premium quality LED GU10 light bulbs which can transform any space. Many traditional halogen or incandescent light bulbs consist of a traditional bayonet mount which is a common fitting for many light bulbs. The design used to create the GU10 LED bulbs uses this same bayonet style mount, meaning that these light bulbs are an excellent direct replacement for your existing light bulbs that are fitted around your home or business.

All LED bulbs, including the GU10 variety, are famous for their energy efficient properties. Traditional light bulbs convert up to 90% of their energy into heat. With LED technology this inefficiency is no longer a problem as LED light bulbs convert up to 90% of their energy into light, with very little wasted as heat. This means that not only are these bulbs highly cost effective, but they also help you to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to saving the environment.

LED GU10 Bulbs

The benefits of the LED light bulbs do not end there. These light bulbs are excellently reliable and durable, able to last significantly longer than traditional light bulbs. Other light bulbs such as the incandescent or the Compact Fluorescent Lamp can last from 1000 to 5000 hours. LED bulbs can last, on average, up to 50,000 hours depending on how often it is used, so it is easy to see how the LED GU10 bulbs are the superior option of lighting for your home and business.

All LED light bulbs contain no moving parts, fragile components or glass tubes which all contribute to these products being highly durable and reliable. With the risk of damage reduced and the light emitted by these bulbs renowned for its ability to last for thousands of hours, it is no wonder that many homes and business are switching to this more reliable lighting option.

Whether you’re lighting your home or business, not only do you want to beautifully illuminate any space, but you want to do so energy efficiently, cost effectively and responsibly. Unlike other light bulbs that have been used in the past, the LED bulb does not contain mercury, making them safer to use, easier to dispose of and abolishes the environmental damage that can be caused by the breakage of other light bulbs. As energy efficient products, these light bulbs help you to sustainably and responsibly light your home or business.

Why our GU10 LED bulbs are the Best Choice for Your Home

As a company with experience in the industry, we understand how the right lighting can hugely benefit your home and business. The perfect lighting throughout your home can make it comforting and cosy, while the ideal lighting fitted in your business can help to create an environment that customers will want to return to.

This is why we stock a wide range of LED GU10 bulbs suitable for the home and the business. Available in a variety of colour temperatures you can choose the colour of light that will best suit you and your needs. Our GU10 LED warm white bulbs are perfect for the living room, helping to create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. Also available in a cool white variety, these bulbs are ideal for any room where you require clear, bright light such as a bathroom or kitchen. Whichever ambience you are looking to create, it is easy to see why our GU10 LED bulbs are the best choice for your home.

As a respected brand, our GU10 LED spotlights are renowned for emitting beautiful light, as well as being highly reliable and energy efficient. Designed as a replacement for your existing halogen bulbs, our GU10 spotlight bulbs are available in a range of wattages so you can find the ideal light bulb that will suit your home or business.

All of our GU10 LED lamps are manufactured to a high quality and are famous for their reliability, energy efficiency and reliability. Our committed and dedicated team ensure that we only provide bulbs of the highest quality, so when buying your energy efficient light bulbs from us you can be reassured that each product will deliver brilliant, beautiful light.